Dog Fence Containment System | 200m Wire | PACDOG

Dog Fence Containment System | 200m Wire | PACDOG Dog Fence Containment System | 200m Wire | PACDOG Dog Accessories
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Keep your Dog Safe with an Electric Fence.

The PAC Pet Fence system is mostly invisible and avoids the need for an ugly and obstructive boundary fence. Since it provides constant, 24/7 surveillance, you do not have to be around keeping watch at all times.
It includes everything required to contain one Medium/Large Dog with 200m of durable boundary wire (enough to cover 1/2 acre), for larger areas more wire can be added.
Suitable for long or short-haired breeds. PACDOG supply extra reels of wire (0.75mm 2 gauge wire) in 100m or 200m reels, and also includes a connection kit to join extra wire if required. It is designed for easy, DIY installation with an illustrated, step-by-step Installation Guide.

❤ The PAC Fence Kit includes everything needed for a Medium/Large dog, but by buying extra collars any number of dogs/cats, each wearing a PAC collar, can be contained within the area that you have set, which might well include “no-go” areas, such as flower-beds, children’s play areas, fish ponds, water features or swimming pools. The PAC Fence range features 3 collar sizes for Miniature/Small dogs and cats, Medium/Large dogs and Extra Large dogs.
The pets collar only activates when they near the boundary, compared to an agricultural electric fence this pet fence has other major advantages: it is safe for children to touch and where a dog can view the wire of an agricultural electric fence and work out whether to jump it or crawl under, they can’t get near the boundary of the PAC Pet Fence to escape, so driveway gates can be safely left open.
➽ The kit comes as standard to run up to 5 acres, but if you need greater fence coverage for your pets, up to 20 acres, or by using thicker 1.5 or 2.5mm2 gauge wire up to 40 acres, simply flick a switch on the control unit to activate the booster.
The PAC Fence can also be purchased excluding boundary fence wire.

Product Features

• As the dog nears the boundary wire the PACDOG collar gives a tone only pre-warning followed by tone & stimulus, the levels of stimulus automatically increase as the dog approaches the wire so no need to manually change levels etc. Once the dog has had the stimulus a few times the tone alone will let him know he is nearing the boundary so he will stay away from it.
• The Boundary Wire can be installed by laying over the ground, buried 2-3 inches down, fed through hose pipe, tacked to an existing fence or through a hedge etc. if fitting it off the ground keep it approx. at the level of your dog’s neck from the ground and not much higher.
• There are no restrictions around the shape of the area to be enclosed, which may range from 1/4 acre (or less) up to 20+ acres (over 6 acres you need to flick a switch on the PAC control unit to turn on the booster and heavier gauge wire is also required).
• If family or friends have the PACDOG system, your collar will automatically work on their system, no extra set up.
• All PAC collars have rechargeable batteries, thereby eliminating the frequent purchase of replacement batteries. Initially collar needs to be charged every 2 -3 weeks but once the dog is used to the system it only needs to be charged every 1 – 3 months depending on usage. As a result, running costs are low.
• The PACDOG collar is fully waterproof and will withstand wet, muddy conditions as well as falling into a pond, pool or stream.
• Batteries can be fitted in the Control Unit to keep system running for up to 8 hours if Mains power fails (batteries not included).
• Very safe wire voltage (12v), powered by normal mains power, or, in areas where Mains is not available or of inferior quality, by using a car or lorry battery.
• PAC Fence has the highest top end energy transfer to cater for the most determined escape artist. The energy transfer is consistent in all conditions wet, dry or snow.
• Speed detector prevents fast run through, so if dog runs at the wire collar will go straight to maximum level.
• Anti-Linger sensor prevents battery depletion in the tone zone, so if dog sits in the tone zone beep will automatically turn into a stimulus so he can’t sit there until he wears out the battery.
• Control unit will alarm if there is a break in the wire.
• Digital signal processing gives immunity from outside radio interference.
• In built Power/lightning surge protection.
• 2 Year Warranty on electrical units.
• The PAC system is tried and trusted and has been on the market since 1989.

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