Nikon D750+ Sigma 50mm f1.4 outfit

D750 and 50mm f1.4 only for sale, other lenses sold

Selling my Nikon D750 Outfit as I've made the switch to Fuji.

As you know its a full frame 24.2MP widely reckoned to be the best full frame camera Nikon ever made as its so much more usable in the real world than the D800-850 series which while having a higher pixel count and delivering amazing images require an amazingly steady hand or a tripod to get the maximum results.

The D750 is ideal for street/ family/ action or sports photography.. real life stuff in other words.

Superb image quality even at High ISO and in low light setting.

Tough as old boots with legendary Nikon build quality, you know you're holding a high quality camera.

Typical review..

This camera is in Excellent condition and only lightly used, Shutter Count is 13133 clicks so plenty of the 150,000 clicks left for the new buyer to use!
The shutter was replaced under warranty around 2017 I think, I wasn't having an issue or any problems but Nikon offered to replace it free so who was I to refuse?

Comes with box, manual, caps, charger, 2 batteries, original strap and a wireless remote.


Sigma 50mm EX DG F1.4

You can't beat a nifty fifty and this is one of the best!
Better than the Nikon 50 F1.4 with faster autofocus (twice as fast!), never miss a shot with this excellent prime lens. UV filter on the front all the time.
Superb condition boxed with all accessories.


prices above are for individual items but I am willing to entertain offers on the header price for the entire outfit in one go, (not stupid ones however, so don't bother and please don't try to justify lowball offers with.. "one of these sold for €27 last year" type of comments. )
I keep my gear in in the best condition and never abuse it, I know the value of what I have.

All in all this outfit is an excellent introduction to full frame photography or as an upgrade.

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Glasnevin, Dublin
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1 month ago

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4 weeks
4 weeks
For both body and lens, apologies if its low ball but genuine offer, all I can scrape together.
1 month
@PJB55 yes it’s still available the shutter count is 13313 or thereabouts
1 month
what is shutter count and is it still available
1 month
@Mlouisek if you want it at €850 I can do that, if you’re interested in the 50mm we can do a deal there too
1 month
Hi there, yes I'm still interested
1 month
@Maamtrasna: 16-35 is sold, thanks for your interest.
1 month
@Mlouisek are you still interested in the camera?
1 month
@Maamtrasna you’re next in line 👍
1 month
for the 16-35mm lens on inspection
1 month
@Mlouisek would like to get a little closer to the asking
1 month
For the 16-35mm pending inspection. Can meet this week.
1 month
Hi there, would you accept an 850 euros offer for the camera only? thanks!