Fujifilm X100F digital Camera Black

I can assure you it true what's said about this camera. Perfect for landscapes and street photography,I even did a wedding. The perfect go-anywhere camera. I am selling just as it arrived in a box with all accessories. You may wonder which to buy white or black? My personal preference is always black as it most discreet in street occasions. I am the original owner and have always cared for it. I am always pleased to answer any questions and prepared to accept any reasonable offer. As soon as sold, I will remove adv.thank you for looking in.
Note to the many time wasters on this platform. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me! I am on my way to find a better site away from TWs.

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Greystones, Wicklow
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1 month ago

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1 month
@Pringle5: Sorry sold on eBay i know son will enjoy Vancouver.
1 month
He is living for it. He is bringing out his Mountain bike and will possibly be working up in Whistler. Lucky him. If you change your mind I'm not too far away and could tie the sale up instantly. Cheers.
1 month
One lucky guy! He will have to get used to the traffic stopping instantly when he steps on the road. he will also have to cope with super good manners. weekend trips to Whilser will be a great experience. Then the food market on the island that's another great experience. I can't move on the camera.
1 month
I would love to buy it from you but I am totally maxxed out at 550. It would be a present for my son who leaves in two weeks for Vancouver for six months. Strict budget unfortunately.
1 month
@Pringle5: I have the camera listed on eBay and Facebook. Take a look at the completed sales on eBay. even if i have to pay fees my price of 600e is still a good price for you to sell on if you wish to make a profit. Dont miss out you know 600E is a reasonable price.
1 month
What is the shutter count on the camera?
1 month
That offer of 550 is still on the table. No wasting of your time.
1 month
Still Available:
1 month
1 month
@Pringle5: thank you for offer sorry i couldn't accept.
1 month
No worries. I will leave that offer there and could collect within an hour. You won't be messed around. 👍
1 month
@Pringle5: good interest slow start, hang in as i may be dealing with a time waster.I am not used to this site normally eBay but that has its own problems.i have an offer of 600E and will not sell below that price.
1 month
@BlastedGlute: I am not sure if you got my acceptance email? Please reply ASP.
1 month
Could pick it up whenever.
1 month
Any interest in a new hobby? Sailing. Have a move boat on my ads. And sailing is a cheaper hobby than photography.