Extreme Gaming PC
Graphics Card Memory:
2GB or more
Memory (RAM size):
Hard disk capacity:
1TB or more
Operating System:
Windows 10

Built this just after Christmas. I'm looking to sell as I loved the buzz of building it and want to build a Mini ITX PC. So I'm in no hurry to sell or anything so won't be selling for crappy offers or swaps.

Windows 10 Pro (Installed on M.2 SSD)
Intel 8086K (Box Included)
MSI RTX 2080 (Box Included)
16GB 3200mhz Corsair RGB PRO(2x8)(Box Included)
Asus Prime Z390-A (Box Included)
NZXT Kraken 360mm Cooler + 2 NZXT fans for extra airflow to Motherboard
Corsair SPEC OMEGA RGB Case (Front glass removed for significantly better airflow)
Samsung M.2 SSD 500GB (Box Included)
Samsung SSD 1TB (Box Included)
WD Performance HDD 4TB (Box Included)
Corsair HX750i Platinum PSU
5 Corsair RGB Fans

I'll leave it Pre installed with Vegas Pro 14, Photoshop and a bunch of Emulators with loads of Games and DLC etc.

I'll throw in a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and a Microphone.

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Ballymun, Dublin
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3 weeks ago

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2 weeks
Yeah I wasn’t expecting you to accept 😂
2 weeks
@jayden2004 😂
2 weeks
I have a PS4 with a few games like rdr2 gta v black ops 4 and more , I also have a gaming chair xrocker adrenaline, would you be willing to trade all of that for the pc
3 weeks
The combined worth of this PC is around 2600-2700, so yes it’s not the best price but it is reasonable, and if your spending that much on a pc, an extra 300 won’t hurt
3 weeks
@Christian Botezatu only😂 it's an 8086k 4ghz standard and upto 5ghz turbo🤣 the lot still retails over 2500 easy
3 weeks
€2,000 OFFERED
Way too much for a 2080 only and i7 8gen
4 weeks
Meant 250-300 extra as in labour building it
4 weeks
It’s priced pretty decent in fairness since the parts are expensive, around 250-300 extra but if somebody just buying a PC and doesn’t want to build and has the money, pretty decent, worth the 3k in my opinion (altogether price is around 2,700 right?
1 month
@gerry_adams oh I know, just wanna see offers man😂 people asking me what my lowest would be then that's all I'd get offered like
1 month
I mean, the GPU alone is worth over 1k, although 3k is a bit much in my opinion, 1k is an extreme lowball :/
1 month
@leonardo_dv piss off so🤣
1 month
Good luck.
1 month
@leonardo_dv the price is on the ad.
1 month
Name a price 🤷🏼‍♂️
1 month
@Adius Read the rest of that conversation.
1 month
you mentioned 1000 e900?
1 month
@Adius Certainly nothing close to 1000🤣
1 month
Whats your lowest?
1 month
@Adius Don't need it taking off my hands😁
1 month
€1,000 OFFERED
I can take it off your hands tomorrow :) 1hr drive for me to Ballymun, Dublin.