Lighthouse Family (plus guests)
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Olympia Theatre
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2 standing tickets for Lighthouse Family in Olympia Theatre on Sunday 16th February 2020.

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Portlaoise, Laois
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3 weeks ago

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3 weeks
@maimuna0526: €115 OFFER ACCEPTED
For pm purposes
3 weeks
@maimuna0526 understood 👍
3 weeks
If you can accept my offer, I'll discuss dropping them to the station further as i dont want to discuss on a public forum.
3 weeks
Ah ok i made the offer to discuss the garda station further on a private message. But i couldn't message as it wasn't accepted, so i made enquiries on other tickets.
3 weeks
@maimuna0526 sorry I asked a question twice which wasn’t answered and seen you were trying to buy other tickets from another seller. I presumed you changed your mind.

Do you know someone in Portlaoise Garda Station? If yes, there’s no issue. If your using that as a drop off location I’d rather not.
3 weeks
Hi are you not interested in my offer? Its 115 for two?
3 weeks
Still available
3 weeks
@maimuna0526 do you know someone in there?
3 weeks
3 weeks
@maimuna0526 yes of course. Do you know someone there that can get them to you?
3 weeks
I'll offer the €115, would you be able to drop them to the local Garda station?
3 weeks
@maimuna0526 Not sure what to say as I live in Portlaoise. I don’t work in Dublin anymore so I don’t travel up very often. I understand your concern but if you’d like to cover the additional cost I can send by registered post for an extra €8 but peace of mind? Cost more than that to travel down and back in petrol/diesel... 🤔

I’ll leave it with you.
3 weeks
I'm happy to offer the asking price, but im in dublin. I don't trust the post 😊
3 weeks
@maimuna0526 hiya. These are actually tickets. I managed to get 2 seated tickets so I’m selling the standing ones I picked up.
3 weeks
Hi are these email or actual tickets?
4 weeks
Still available

Willing to post after payment is received if that’s easier.