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Platinum tickets for Ariana Grande 22nd September

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Rathfarnham, Dublin
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1 month ago

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2 weeks
Jordan 0 8 6 0 3 0 2 8 9 0
2 weeks
Will pay 450 and collect on Wednesday the 10th or 11th which ever suits
2 weeks
@gunnar20: €320 OFFER ACCEPTED
2 weeks
Hi Eddie, do you wish to accept or decline my offer of 320.
2 weeks
@Gkelly10 yes still available. Best offer stands at €320 for the pair
2 weeks
@Gkelly10 yes still available. Best offer stands at €320 for the pair
2 weeks
Hi are tickets still available please?
2 weeks
@Dublinsjayjay yes still available
2 weeks
Are these still available?
2 weeks
2 weeks
2 weeks
Still available:
3 weeks
@[email protected] good question. No big difference as far as I can tell other than good seats. Like most people, I was desperate to get these tickets for my daughters. Ticketmaster run a little scam where they ringfence a bunch of tickets and jack up the price while the stampede is happening. They call them Platinum but they could just as easily called them 'Gouging Specials'. I'm open to contradiction on this
3 weeks
Sorry what’s the difference between platinum and normal tickets? I don’t normally go to concerts but my daughter wants to go to this one.
3 weeks
@tazcork that's ok. The price is for two tickets. They cost us €241 each
3 weeks
These tickets were downloaded and printed at home. This seems to have been a problem for some people. Not sure if I can request conventional tickets at this stage but I have 4 tickets and I will be using 2 of them for my daughters. In other words, this is 100% legit and people are more than welcome to visit our home and view the tickets!
3 weeks
@Eiry yes they are still available
3 weeks
@tazcork no they are not meet and greet
3 weeks
@Eiry yes they are seated, row 30
3 weeks
Hello, are the tickets still available and where are they seated please. Thanks, Brigid.