ford transit T350

Ford transit T350 125
New doe
Low Milage 215000
2.2 fwd
Taxed until 04/22
New clutch and dual mass
New drop links
New ball joint
Handbrake cables
New egr valve
New injector seal and clamps
High roof
Great van , New van forces sale

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Walkinstown, Dublin
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3 months ago

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3 months
@Happydays191 yes happy days, if someone is genuine and looking for a van, Great, but I have no time for people that take the piss, seriously,
There's low Mileage for 2012, I have spent thousands on the van, to keep it running as it should then you get smart ass, comment what about the parts that were not changed, well if he's that worries he should buy a brand new van with warranty, I have looked after the van if it needs a part it gets it, so the previous comment is ridiculous, Good luck.
3 months
I look at your last answer and I'm so glad I didn't buy you are so rude and I believe a horrible person ..why do you feel the need to use foul language...
I'm talking to you from hospital and let me assure you that van will need loads of other work on it .I'm dying and at no stage did I ever use common scum bag language
Don't reply I'm not watching
3 months
@lisamul12 6300
3 months
What’s your best price on this ?
3 months
@Happydays191 stop talking shit go any someone else
3 months
imagine the wear and tear on all the other parts that haven't been replaced
3 months
@Happydays191 no thanks, spent too much money on the van ,
3 months
Van is booked in to garage tomorrow and should have it back on Friday
Will update Friday thanks
3 months
Back in Dublin but mechanic cannot look at it until tomorrow so I'll update then thanks
3 months
That’s perfect thanks 👍
3 months
@omod82 sorry just away for few days with work, I seem to have an issue with a injector which I want to get sorted soon as I return, and will update and upload more photos
3 months
@daza-s hi I am only heading back to Dublin in morning, I only got injectors done, but having an issue with one Injector, I am bringing it to mechanic when I get back, its driving perfect just seems like slight miss, had it with mechanic where I am, he said no faults registered but seems to be one of the injectors,
I will update tomorrow
3 months
€5,500 OFFERED
3 months
Hi have you any photos of the inside of the van please
3 months
@mslk09 getting to and from work, just carrying my tools
3 months
How's things,what was the van used for
3 months
@ger4130 no thanks
3 months
Would you like a hi lux
3 months
@Ben124 no