Holosync Awakening Level 1

Holosync Awakening Level 1 Holosync Awakening Level 1 CD

A 5-CD set

Holosync is a programme for binaural beat meditation - designed for growth, development and relaxation. It will teach your brain to meditate.

The brain is cycled down from Beta waves (stress, "normal consciousness"), down through Alpha (focused concentration, creative flow), Theta (dreaming, non-linear thinking, psi phenomena), Delta (emptiness, the "void", infinite consciousness).

It brings up psychological issues for healing, and also provides the conscious resources to handle them.

I have found it an amazing tool for developing awareness, and it was a cornerstone of my recovery & sobriety for several years.

Disc 1-4 - meditation tracks of varying strength
Disc 5 - "Floating" (a track for relaxing and managing upheaval).

Keywords - binaural beats, biofeedback, therapy, meditation, growth, development, trauma, concentration, flow, awareness, recovery, psychic, spiritual, brainwaves.

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4 years ago

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