Male cat, 3 years old
3 Years

Hi guys

We've cat up for adoption.
He is a male cat, named Rambo, just over 3 years old.
Fully nurtured, wormed and vactinated.

Reason why we are giving him away is new place and landlord doesn't want pets in the house.

He is house cat, get along with other cats too, friendly with people, very curious.
Toilet trained, not messy, have his own toys and blanket.

Any other questions, please ask.

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  • Meet with the Adverts user before agreeing to the adoption
  • Check the pet is old enough for adoption
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1 month
1 month
Great, as I said we are in kilaloe, by the lake, we have 3 boys, 6,4 and 2. Would we be able to meet him today?
1 month
He is still with us but im looking good home for him.
1 month
We live in kilaloe, have 3 boys and would love to give him a good home, is he available?
2 months

Its in description
2 months
Does pet has name?
3 months
Looking for someone locally...

3 months
Hi, unfortunately we donโ€™t have a car so if you think we are suitable we would need to pick it up in Dublin City if thatโ€™s ok. Thanks so much
4 months
I tried vets. As for others, Im not that confident that they will use him as a pet.

Im keeping my eyes open ;)

Thx for heads up
4 months
Good to hear that and thank you for replying. There have been some unfortunate cases recently where people claim to offer good home but use for abuse/cruelty/sport. Maybe list your cat through a reputable rehoming group or a vets.
4 months
I will, wont give him to everyone
4 months
Please do a thorough home check if you are listing animals for rehoming online!!
6 months
Is this cat still available?
7 months
7 months
In the previous place, he used to sit out a on balcony,going to neighbours balconies too, had "friend" but mostly indoor cat.
Few weeks ago he went out for "experience" and came back.
As I said, very curious cat
7 months
Would you mind if there is other cat in the house? Our cat doing his business outside. Is this cat ever been left out to go for his walks or he totally indoors cat never to be let outside?
7 months
He gave us timeline but we are looking for good home, dont want to give him to people so they can kick him out after a while
7 months
Have ye already moved into new house and looking for a new home for him ASAP?