FREE FREE FREE Caravan Shell (Dry) + Misc Bits.

Another one of my hopeless DIY projects :)

Bought 2 years ago for too much, then stripped and a whole bag of money spent on ill advised efforts to turn it into an American Dreamliner.

You ready to take her on?

Joking aside this caravan is a great project for someone as it's already stripped down to nothing so you can start in the morning. It is DRY.

Comes with brand new 6 x 6 foot mattress which fills the entire back section.

Also, clean curtains, new back lights (no wiring in van yet) and a whole assortment of DIY couches and stools.

There is also an awning which is 10% repairable but it needs a couple of stitches and a pole or two might need to be replaced.

A great project for someone.

Caravan is FREE but you must collect today !!!

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Balgriffin, Dublin
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1 month ago

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3 weeks
3 weeks
Looking to make an installation for a festival and this would be absolutely perfect.
Let me know if deal falls through and we might arrange something :)
3 weeks
@jeff50: €1 OFFER ACCEPTED
Call me ok? You have my number?
3 weeks
4 weeks
500 offered for PM purposes
4 weeks
@jeff50 Make a token offer so we can chat ok?
4 weeks
Hi that's grand . Yes I'm still very interested in doing some kind of a deal for it 👍 . Thanks Jeff
4 weeks
@jeff50: Never saw this comment Jeff. Are you still interested?
1 month
Hi . Just wondering if you would be interested in swapping your caravan in exchange for some carpentry / building work ? I am a carpenter / kitchen and bedroom wardrobes fitter by trade but can turn my hands to most things. Thanks Jeff
1 month
Hi, does it has something broken apart from a window and the door? Thanks a million
1 month
I'd love to come have a look ☺️
1 month
Thank you. I was wondering if you have tried 😊
1 month
@Shizuka Sotome: Sorry but I really don't know. There are plenty of ads for caravan parts on the various sites.Maybe try there?
1 month
Do you know if it can be repaired or will I be able to get a new one somewhere?
1 month
@Shizuka Sotome 1 window cracked regrettably but I do have it.
1 month
Hi there. Does it have all windows and are they all in working order? Thank you 😊
1 month
@G-Man ah I’d say very durable. I’ve strengthened the interior skeleton already.

As for how to proceed? I’m not really sure, never got that far :)
1 month
What would be recommend way forward.. Insulation, services and interior panelling. Its a nice classic shape, how fundamental durable is the structure