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This Isabella camplet is the 2019 2go model – bought new in 2019 from Camperlands in Manchester, UK. They are the main UK dealer for this Danish trailer tent company. It is an all fiberglass body and galvanised A frame. It has been used six times by a small, careful, non-smoking, non-pet owning family and stored indoors in a very dry indoor storage so it is in excellent condition. These are rare in Ireland I've only seen 1 other in the past and they never come up this close to new.

The Camplet 2go folds down into a small and lightweight trailer which is easy to tow and manoeuvre. This is very easy to erect and can be done by one person in less than 15 mins. It has two king beds.

It has an all-in-one cabin and awning, breathable acrylic canvas and an all-round kitchen. You only join 1 x 10 inch pole and pull to open the whole unit and peg awning only.

Kitchen includes
2 x Gas burner
12V Electric tap and pump
Camplet 15 litre water jerry can
2 x drawers
Pull down rack for pots/pans etc
All folds away neatly without removing from trailer just hinges out and legs down.
pelmet pockets
2 x front support poles
Roof support pole
Alloy wheels
wardrobe bar
kitchen ventilation
2 king beds with slatted beds on trailer frame side
Sofa and back rest.
This also comes with a 3 socket/2 usb mains kit; a large Aluminum storage box which is worth over €300; stabiliser stands; 2 x gas cylinders.

To buy this new would cost over & £7,000 sterling plus the cost of getting it from Manchester on a return ferry €600 and Irish vat import at 23% because of Brexit. Total cost new €10000.

Aluminum front box €300
Fiamma 2 x bike rack €350
Bed slats €150
SAS Hitch lock €120

Plenty of videos on you tube to show ease of setting up

More pics on request

Great alternative to a 4 berth caravan with no storage fees or heavier fuel towing costs.

€5600 ono

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@Garry Fortune can make me an offer of €1 so we can talk PM over the phone thanks
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Hi Andrew,
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What time of the day suits you?
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