Fuji Np-45 Np-45a Battery For Fujifilm

Fuji Np-45 Np-45a Battery For Fujifilm Fuji Np-45 Np-45a Battery For Fujifilm Camera Accessories
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Brand new

1. New generic Li-ion battery
2. High energy density, can be used for a long time
3. Extra power for your digital camera
4. High capacity / rechargeable Li-ion battery with premium cell
5. A necessity for photographers

1. Voltage: 3.7V
2. Capacity: 1400mAh
3. Dimensions: (2.36 x 1.89 x 0.98)" / (6 x 4.8 x 2.5)cm (L x W x H)
4. Weight: 0.85 oz / 24 g
Compatible With
Fuji: FinePix JX500, JX520, JX550, JX580, T350, T360, T400, T500, T510, T550, T560, XP20, XP22, XP50, XP60, XP70, XP80, XP90, JX350, JX355, JX370, T200, T205, XP10, XP30,
FinePix J Series J10, J100, J110W, J12, J120, J150W, J15fd, J20, J250, J30, J38
FinePix S Series S610
FinePix Z Series Z100FD, Z10FD, Z200FD, Z20fd, Z30, Z300, Z33, Z33WP, Z37, Z70, Z700EXR, Z800EXR, Z90, Z900EXR, Z91
Kodak: EasyShare M580, M750
M / MD Cameras M873, M883
Nikon: CoolPix S202, S200, S210, S220, S230, S3000, S4000, S500, S510, S5100, S520, S570, S60, S600, S660, S70, S700, S80
Olympus: TG-310, TG-320, VR-320, VR-330
D-series D-630 Zoom
FE series FE-150, FE-160, FE-190, FE-20, FE-220, FE-230, FE-240, FE-250, FE-280, FE-290, FE-300, FE-3000, FE-3010, FE-320, FE-330, FE-340, FE-350, FE-360, FE-4000, FE-4010, FE-4030, FE-5000, FE-5010, FE-5020, FE-5050, FE-5500
IR-Series IR-300
mju 1060, 1070, 1200 Digital, 5000, 700 Digital, 7000, 7010, 7020, 7030, 7040, 710, 720 SW, 725 SW, 730 Digital, 740 Digital, 750 Digital, 760 Digital, 770 SW, 780 Digital, 820 Digital, 830 Digital, Tough 3000
mju SW 795 SW
SP series SP-700
Stylus 1050sw, 3000, 5000, 720SW, 725SW, 770SW, 790SW, 850SW, Digital, MJU700, SP-700, Stylus700, Stylus7040, Stylus710, TG-310, TG-320, Tough, u, u1040, u1050SW, u1060, u1200, u5000, u5010, u550WP, u700, u7000, u7010, u7020, u7030, u7040, u7050, u710, u720, u720SW, u725SW, u730, u740, u750, u760, u770SW, u780, u790SW, u795SW, u820, u830, u840, u850SW, VH-210, VR-310, VR-320, VR-330, VR310, VR320, VR325, VR330, 1040, 1050 SW, 1060, 1070, 1200, 5010, 550WP, 700, 7000, 7010, 7020, 7030, 7040, 710, 720, 720 SW, 725 SW, 730, 740, 750, 760, 770 SW, 780, 790 SW, 820, 830, 840, 850 SW
Stylus Tough 3000
X-Series X-600, X-905, X-915, X-925, X-935
Pentax: Optio L40, LS1000, LS1100, LS465, RS1000, RS1500, L36, M30, M40, M90, T30, V10, W30
Compatible Li-Ion Battery
Never run out of battery power when you're just about to capture the perfect moment! Time to get extra power for your digital video camera/camcorder.
High capacity, rechargeable DC 3.7V Li-Ion battery with premium cell.
Latest Lithium Ion battery technology gives the best performance possible compared to other battery technologies such as Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH).
Best replacement for the original Nikon EN-EL10 / Olympus Li-40B / Li-42B / Pentax D-Li63 / Fuji NP-45 / NP-45A / Kodak KLIC-7006 battery pack.

Package Includes:
1 x Battery

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