rat cage

Rat cage comes with all accessories, bedding, shaving and food.

Comes with a 6 month old rat as well very healthy

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Clane, Kildare
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1 month ago

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1 month
@Katie-k perfect I’m taking him to the gym tomorrow for a check up
1 month
Okay I’ll see if I can get down that way
1 month
@Katie-k I actually moved him to carlow for college
1 month
My last hairless bud past away 3 weeks ago and we’ve all been deviated if I could get to clane I’d take him with pleasure I will try to get out that way
1 month
@Katie-k really, I could just give you the rat alone as I really just want the best for him as he’s alone
1 month
He’s beautiful if I only lived closer and had the money to take him I’ve got 7 other rats at the moment
1 month
@Katie-k male
1 month
Is the rat male or female?
1 month
@Nathy Alencar thank you so much
1 month
@grace.ralph €35
1 month
I've shared your post on a rat page on Facebook, hopefully your boy will find a good home soon! Best of luck
1 month
To rehome him alone without any accessories what price would you be looking at?
1 month
@grace.ralph he’s not aggressive just really active, and I live in college which is carlow and my family at home don’t really have an interest in him or an interest in taking care of him and my student accommodation doesn’t allow pets
1 month
What's the rat like? Is he aggressive? Why are you rehoming him?
1 month
@Nathy Alencar and yeah can sell separately
1 month
@Nathy Alencar it’s a male
1 month
Hey there! Would you be willing to sell the rat separately? Is it male or female?