10m Dvi To Hdmi Cable

10m Dvi To Hdmi Cable 10m Dvi To Hdmi Cable Cables
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Description of DVI to HDMI Cable

Convert DVI to HDMI
10m HDMI Cable
Male DVI-D (24+1) to Female HDMI Adaptor

Why not a single cable?
This is a very low volume niche product but very handy in certain circumstances
We have made this product from much higher volume parts
It works exactly the same
It is a low cost solution which allows us to offer this item to customers
Oxygen free pure copper conductors for high speed digital performance
Gold plated contacts prevent corrosion for long life optimum signal transfer
Superior screening ensures excellent picture performance
Low resistance interface
Soft texture PVC insulation

Uses of DVI to HDMI Cable

These cables provide an interface between any compatible video source, such as
Set-top boxes
Digital Televisions etc
Primarily used to connect a PC to a TV to watch the likes of Youtube or netflix on your TV

Advantages of DVI to HDMI Cable

Where the connections exist, it will give very good video output results

Disadvantages of DVI to HDMI Cable

It only outputs the video, you will need something like a 3.5mm audio jack to RCA cable to output the sound in conjunction with the DVI to HDMI cable
The 10m DVI to HDMI cable may be too long for a lot of jobs
In that case, you should go for the 5m, 3m or 1.5m DVI to HDMI cable


Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26K3KwJseGs

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