Tandoori oven

Working good

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Kilkenny, Kilkenny
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8 months ago

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about a day
Is this still available ?
2 months
2 months
Thanks for the reply. how old is it? Any warranty?
2 months
@MOKSA yes
2 months
Hi, can I use this like charcoal tandoori oven?
3 months
Hi, is this charcoal or gas?
7 months
Look there seems to be
some misunderstanding.. if I haven't a contact number I've no way to get in touch with you... I withdraw my offer and wish you the best with your sale..
7 months
@messi56 listen last price €550.Address Kilkenny James st
I know you can’t come now.We will arrange time later
7 months
I can't.. private message YOU
You need to do that by accepting the offer ?? I cannot..it's your item for sale.. I need your number to contact you about what your address.. time etc etc.. it's how the site works.. that's why I put the 1 euro offer for private message purpose..
7 months
@messi56 text me your number
7 months
If you accept the 1 euro offer you can private message me your number...
7 months
I’m in Kilkenny.You can come I can’t post phone number here.What time you can come?last price 550€ thanks
7 months
Will be in Carlow tomorrow so can drive over to have a look at it.. so need to know .. thanks
7 months
7 months
I'm going to put an offer so you can private message me your phone number please.. etc to ask a few questions.. would you consider 450 cash ? If it's what I'm looking for ..
7 months
@messi56 yes
7 months
Do you still have this and have you a photo ?