Anderson 22ft sail boat & 20hp outboard

Anderson 22ft boat with 20hp motor.
needs tidy
All rigging present
Great boat for fishing

Boat will be relocating late September to dry dock in East Clare

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Portumna, Galway
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3 months ago

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2 months
My friend will move it for me but not a huge distance.. what are you talking? I'd reluctantly consider trailering it somewhere but haulage prices would apply
2 months
@bassfisherman nope I was out for 5hours on it today fantastic. I have a trailer to use to put it in my own yard. It might sell at this price just I've everything to do a great clean up and restore. Maybe u can borrow a trailer? It has retractable keel so it's 15kmh max with keel down and about 20 with it up .. keel is needed during strong winds, it can also be moored in shallower water cause the draft is reduced with keel up. Great boat a joy to be on
2 months
Is there a trailor with it?
2 months
Still Available: looking to sell.. sailing wise and fishing purposes bot is great, it needs a clean & tidy. It's well worth the money
2 months
@1000ged we do Thursday afternoon if you can make it, put in an offer for pm phone number etcetera
2 months
@1000ged ok cool, I nearly kept the boat cause I've a yard now and a clean one would be 3200 10years ago .. I'm opening a new buisiness tho and I might have to let my lovely boat go
2 months
Not around Sunday, will try get over Thursday afternoon.
2 months
@1000ged I could do a different day, Thursday & Sunday are fairly good for me
2 months
Would it be possible to view Saturday?
2 months
@C S 123 photos added
2 months
Looking around it's a good price, it is a mild project only requiring some cleaning/power wash maybe.. it's fibreglass. 1 sheet of marine ply would replace old floor wich was made of regular plywood it is just a board drops into place, a few simple cuts .. I may finish the project if it doesn't sell, clean, floor polishing outside, install cooker, fridge, more waterproof matresses/ thick gym mats. Then I'd be looking for double, all in all its a lovely steady project. I might get a few steps done as I've a work yard& lend of a trailer to bring it out of water for a few days and slipway is 500meters away. Boat however is currently 30km away near my home house
2 months
@C S 123 yeah they wouldn't upload, I will give it a go on wifi
2 months
Hi there. Would be keen to see the additional photos when you get an opportunity to upload them.
2 months
Still Available: still available havent heard back
2 months
@John O Reilly2 haven't got a confirmed sale yet
2 months
Is the boat still available
2 months
€1,800 OFFERED
Offer for pm purposes.. looking for more pics, details etc
2 months
@mistymoo there it is
3 months
@mistymoo I do have some videos, I will have to take photos next few days