Blu-Ray/DVD Collection (German/English)

I'm selling some of my Blu-Ray/DVD Collection due to downsizing. Condition of items is used. I have checked all discs and they look fine. Can either be collected or delivered at an additional charge. PayPal fees are included. Postage needs to be added.

You can either buy the whole lot for the price shown at the top or individually. Make me an offer!

Some of them are German imports with English audio. These are specifically mentioned further down on the list. Let me know if you have any questions.

English DVDs: (€1 each)
- Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2 Discs)
- Saving Private Ryan (2 Discs)
- Meet the Parents
- The Mask of Zorro
- Robin Hood
- Godzilla
- The Weather Man
- Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus
- Shooter
- The Thomas Crown Affair
- Transformers

German Blu-Rays: (€2.50 each)
- Der Hobbit: Eine Unerwartete Reise (2 Discs) (The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey)
- Der Herr der Ringe: Die Rückkehr des Königs (LOTR: Return of the King)
- Prince of Persia (Steelbook)
- Planet der Affen: Prevolution (Rise of the Planet of the Apes)
- X-Men Erste Entscheidung (X-Men First Class)
- Avatar
- Fast & Furious (Part 4)
- Fast & Furious 5 (Part 5)
- Jennifer's Body
- Avatar
- Mankind Documentary - €5

German DVDs: (€1 each)
- Kalkofes Mattscheibe Vol. 1-4 (Prosieben-Saga, 4 Discs)
- Spider-Man (2 Discs)
- Spider-Man 2.1 (2 Discs)
- Spider-Man 3 (2 Discs)
- Auf Messers Schneide (The Edge)
- Stephen Kings Es (It)
- Hollow Man
- Heartbreakers
- Syriana
- 8 Mile
- Besser Geht’s Nicht (As Good as it Gets)
- Hero (German and Chinese audio only)
- Harry Potter 1
- Harry Potter 2
- Harry Potter 3 (2 Discs)
- Harry Potter 4 (Steelbook)
- Harry Potter 5 (Steelbook)
- Der Schuh des Manitu Extra Large
- Der Untergang

- Titanic (4 Disc Collector's DVD Edition) - €5
- Dr. House (House MD) Season 1-8 on DVD and Season 6 on Blu-Ray - €35 (not included in lot price)

Sold out:
- Der Unglaubliche Hulk (Steelbook)
- Operation Walküre
- King Kong Extended Edition
- Lars Croft: Tomb Raider
- Terminator 1
- Iron Man 1
- Iron Man 2
- Suicide Squad Extended Cut
- Marvel’s The Avengers
- The King of Queens - Season 1-9 in Pizzabox on Blu-Ray
- Spiel mir das Lied vom Tod/Once Upon A Time In The West (Special Collector's Edition Wooden box 193/12908)
- Rob Zombie's Halloween Limited Collector's Edition DVD (3 Discs)
- Halloween Perfect Collection DVD (3 DVD, 1 CD) - €10
- Scream 4 (Steelbook)

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2 weeks
Updated with new items: King Kong Ultimate Edition, Titanic (4 Disc Collector's Edition), Avatar
9 months
Halloween box set
9 months
@shafty101: No worries.
9 months
Ahh sorry I didnt realise it was a german version

I will have to leave it .....

9 months
€15 total with Parcel Motel. You can make an offer so we can exchange PMs if that's ok for you.

FYI about the box:
Content description on the box is in German, it contains a booklet, which is also in German. DVD menus are in German also. However, the theatrical version and the a cut above the rest documentary do have English audio options that you can switch to. The TV version only has German audio, no English audio option at all.
9 months
Yeah haha !!


I have Parcel Motel 👍
9 months
@shafty101: Getting ready for Halloween? :) Do you have Parcel Motel?
9 months
Halloween special edition how much ?
11 months
The cover and blu ray menu is German. The movie has English audio and subtitles.
11 months
Is scream 4 in English?