Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer Tributes, Tributes II & Top 100 Wrestlers of All Time Hardback Book Collection (All Brand New)
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Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer Tributes, Tributes II & Top 100 Wrestlers of All Time Hardback Book Collection

Brand New First Edition Hardback Books

Tributes by Dave Meltzer

"The Wrestling Observer's Tributes: Remembering some of the World's Greatest Wrestlers" - 180 pages. Full Color. Hardback from Winding Stair Press. Written by The Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer.
Tributes is a collection of over 20 years of farewells to some of the greatest professional wrestlers.

Filled with facts and photographs, Tributes is a chronicle of the lives and careers of the unforgettable men who helped the cultural phenomenon that it is today.

David Meltzer, founder and writer of the Wrestling Observer, writes biographies of some of the greatest wrestles to step into the ring. Although they may no longer be with us, Meltzer recalls their life in these detailed biographies filled with colored pictures. Those included: Owen Hart, Brian Pillman, Rick Rude, Andre the Giant, Bruiser Brody, Fritz Von Erich, Kerry Von Erich, Yokozuna, Junkyard Dog, Giant Baba, Buddy Rodgers, John Studd, Ray Stevens, Louie Spicolli Art Barr, Eddie Gilbert, Boris Malenko, Dino Bravo, Jumbo Tsuruta and Gordon Solie.

Tributes II by Dave Meltzer

Profiles include:

Road Warrior Hawk
Curt Hennig
Stu Hart
Tim Woods (Mr. Wrestling)
Davey Boy Smith
Gorilla Monsoon
Terry Gordy
Wahoo McDaniel
Johnny Valentine
The Sheik
Freddie Blassie
Lou Thesz

Brand New Profiles from:

Owen Hart
Andre the Giant

This detailed chronicle looks at the lives, times, and deaths of the biggest names that the sport of professional wrestling has produced. Picking up where Tributes: Remembering Some of the Worlds Greatest Professional Wrestlers left off, author Dave Meltzer focuses on sports entertainments most recent and high-profile losses, including Road Warrior Hawk, Curt Hennig, Elizabeth, Stu Hart, Tim Woods, Davey Boy Smith, Gorilla Monsoon, Terry Gordy, Wahoo McDaniel, Johnny Valentine, The Sheik, Freddie Blassie, and Lou Thesz.

Tributes II: Remembering More of the Worlds Greatest Wrestlers also offers expanded versions of some of the most popular profiles from Tributes, including Owen Hart, and Andre the Giant.

Offering candid and detailed accounts of bona fide wrestling legends and a foreword by Bret Hart, Tributes II takes its place among the most important books ever written on the world of pro wrestling.

Tributes II also includes an in-depth interview with Dave Meltzer that will take readers Beyond the Book. This very candid, personal interview will give fans even more insight into the biggest names in the history of professional wrestling.

This special 1 hour DVD is shoot style where Meltzer hits topics within the book but also includes broad wrestling topics.

Top 100 Wrestler's Of All Time by Dave Meltzer

Wrestling Observer's the Top 100 Pro Wrestlers of All Time is much more than just a ranking of wrestling's elite performers. It is a salute to the men and women who suffered enormous hardship by physically taxing their bodies every time they stepped inside the ring all for the sake of entertaining the crowd. The lives of the industry's biggest stars come to life on these pages, as their careers are examined thoroughly and put into the proper perspective. Historians, reporters, wrestlers and experts are consulted, providing countless stories and first-hand accounts of the lives of wrestling's seminal figures. Read about the meteoric rise of Ric Flair, the macabre death-shroud surrounding the Von Erichs, the slaying of Bruiser Brody, the cultural phenomenon of Mexico's El Santo and the indomitable, bristling spirit of Lou Thesz. Along the way, readers will uncover an historical account of the wrestling industry that stands in direct contrast to the revisionist version long touted by Vince McMahon and others, making Wrestling Observer's the Top 100 Pro Wrestlers of All Time an indispensible addition to any fan's wrestling library.

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