TC electronics BQ 250 + GK Plex preamp

Good condition BQ250 for sale at €150, gigged once, used only at a few rehearsals.

GK Plex Preamp at €150 as well, gigged once also. The dials are also all buttons that select different settings. The dial that selects the presence setting has never worked unfortunately. Aside from that, it's a great preamp, nice over drive and good compression settings and amp models, which doubles as a handy little interface when connected to PC.

Can also throw in a bag of mixed cables for no extra cost, some may not work.

Pick up from Aston Place, Temple Bar preferred.

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Temple Bar, Dublin
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4 months ago

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4 months
@keish: €120 OFFER ACCEPTED
4 months
For the gk
4 months
@keish only the GK is still available:)
4 months
Are they still available?
4 months
For the head. Pm me your contact.
4 months
@keish I'm not in need of a bass currently mate, I do need a new phone tho so if there's anything you can do there let me know. I will take 100 for the TC head or 120 for the GK if either is any good to you.
4 months
My bass +€80
4 months
@Letsdothis! Yep!:)
4 months
Other than the stickers is it spotless? Is it working perfectly?
4 months
@Letsdothis! There are two stickers ontop of it so not exactly immaculate. I can remove them if you wish.
4 months
@Letsdothis! Haha grand then no worries!
4 months
😂 immaculate .This is for a gift for someone.
4 months
@Letsdothis! What do you mean by inaccurate?
4 months
It must be inaccurate so?
I will come back to you.
4 months
@Letsdothis! I have owned it for two years, gigged it once and used at a few rehearsals but mostly just sat idle.
4 months
@Letsdothis! 100 will do me matey. No cab sorry!
4 months
€100 max I’d go. How old is it?
Have you a TC can?
I have a bass.
4 months
Any interest in my bass?
4 months
@Letsdothis! How's €120 sound mate?
4 months
What’s your best price on the head and I would collect.