Ampeg heritage SVT 410HLF & flight case

Ampeg 410hlf heritage

- 10/10 immaculate condition! kept in flightcase. Studio use only bar 2 livestreams
- made in USA (only heritage series made in USA now)
- best cab I’ve ever had, true professional spec
- can forward studio / live stream recordings.

This was dearer than the ampeg 810e on thomann when purchased & for good reason, levelled up build quality on the heritage line. American eminence speakers custom made for this cab, cab weight reduced & wattage increased. Tolex improved also. Sitting on flightcase this rig stands taller than an 810, yet you can move it alone.

I’m selling it due to the folding of two musical projects I was in, unfortunately. Ongoing bands are much lower in volume, making this less appropriate. Cabs of this capacity go well beyond a personal monitor, it has a serious impact on the room sound, & the placement of the bass guitar within the ensemble, turning your E string into a weapon, as it should be. Whenever throwing larger volumes / pedals etc at this cabinet, the cabinet never broke a sweat & felt so comfortable working at that capacity. It was built to pair with the 300w SVT, I only used the 100w v4b.

- cab is €1168 thomann, but out of stock nearly 6 months
- flightcase is €500 + extras
- custom made speakon cable €50
- also have unused padded cover €90
- save €750 + on new prices
- still under warranty from the music outlet, swords

To address the regular 410 hlf classic cabinet made in China / Vietnam. So dark, so boomy, not a drop of midrange in sight, always hope to avoid it in backline situations. Was v surprised to find myself getting this heritage model, having seen they had fixed all of those issues. Check out the sound clips for each on thomann, big difference in the midrange, clarity in the low end, v brittle top end on the regular hlf. Never owned a cabinet like this & a definite way of substituting for an 810 which I have owned also.

Cab is in yellowdoor studios in Dublin, a viewing could be arranged most days.

Trades considered
- ampeg 15” cabinets
- hofner club bass
- fender Bassman 212 cabinet 60’s
- lightweight fender precision bass such as MIJ, JV, or a vintage model w cash adjustment

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2 weeks ago

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1 day
Sold to harry styles bassist, would you believe
6 days
On hold for uk customer
1 week
@paulie_c am in galway again next week, just sayin’ 👍🏼
4 weeks
Trades considered

- ampeg 15” cabinet
- fender Bassman 212 cabinet 60’s
- hofner club bass
- lightweight precision bass such as JV, MIJ, earlier 70s models considered too.

Cash either way for the right deal
1 month
@paulie_c I’ll be in galway for next weekend anyway 👍🏼
1 month
Let me have a think about it
1 month
@paulie_c have you any interest in the cabinet ? I could listen to trades
1 month
Thanks for that
1 month
@paulie_c Morning ! I’m afraid not. I do have a v4b, but can’t foresee a situation where I would sell it. Not the most exciting ampeg amp, but seems really reliable & quite adaptable volume wise. I would recommend one 👍🏼
1 month
Do you happen to have any newer valve heads for sale? Ampeg V4b etc??
2 months
Still available: hi folks, no real interest in trades other than an ampeg 15” cabinet with cash my way
2 months
Still available:
3 months
@bassman32 just to letcha know I’ll be over your side of the country a couple of times the second half of May 👍🏼
3 months
@bassman32 howaya. Yeah it won’t be selling for 600, considering new value is 1700. Very happy to have a phone call all the same. Balls in your court buddy
3 months
Hi Finn, thanks for getting back to me. I know my offer is a bit low but unfortunately it's all I can come up with at the moment. If you change your mind please do get back to me. All the best.
3 months
@bassman32 hey buddy, thanks for the offer, though she is a bit low considering the items involved. If you’d like to make a €1 offer for pm we could have a phone call & see about middle ground in terms of price & travel 👍🏼
3 months
4 months
@drewk_ie hi there - the dimensions of the cabinet are on the thomann link embedded on the description. In terms of the case, I’m not with it now so probably easiest to assume 5cm in every direction. Other than the height, this will be greater due to the wheels. Hope this is of some use 👍🏼
4 months
Hi there, what’s the dimensions of the cab on its own and also the flight case?
5 months
Talking to a seller in Belgium about another vintage ampeg this week, probably not a bad time to try me with offers..