Bass guitar case, Hard Foam Case by Koda

Bass guitar case, Hard Foam Case by Koda Bass guitar case, Hard Foam Case by Koda Bass Accessories
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Hard foam case for Bass Guitar

Tired of lugging that heavy bass case about, but don't want to put your precious bass into a soft gigbag where it can get damaged all too easily?

Here's the solution: the Hard Foam Case from Koda.
Much much lighter than a traditional hard case, but offering way more protection than a gigbag, the Koda hard case is cost-effective too, costing about half as much as a traditional hard case. Featuring storage sections on the inside as well as a handy zipped storage pouch on the outside, you can carry all your bits with you too, without the weight penalty.
Inner size: 119cm x 33.5cm approx.

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2 weeks ago

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2 months
@ausrius9: Unfortunately we don't. I've only seen custom-built cases in that size.
2 months
Hi! Have you bass case,for a extra long bass? 134 cm long.. Thanks
5 months
@BarryCreed: Hi Barry, sorry for the slow reply, we ran out of these and had to wait for new stock so's I could measure them. Inner dimensions are approximately 119cm x 33.5cm.
5 months
@BarryCreed: Hi Barry, this case fits a Femder Jazz Bass and similar. Today I am out and about so can't give you the exact measurements and we dont have a Ric to check it with. I will let you know tomorrow. Thank you, kind regards, Robert.
5 months
Would this fit a Ric bass?
5 months
@louischristle: Yes, it will, just tried it with one of our basses here.
5 months
Does this fit a fender jazz bass?
6 months
@keithcarroll21: For clarification, can I ask is like a Fender P or J bass shape, or something completely different? Thanks, Robert.
6 months
My bass is J&D brothers and its size is 112cm long 34cm width.
7 months
@keithcarroll21: Not all bass cases are the same unfortunately. These cases are made to fit basses with fairly standard dimensions, such as a Fender Jazz or Precision. Which bass do you have?
7 months
Hi what are the measurements of this case? Would all bass cases be the same size? Cheers