Wooden letter and number tiles - Pick 10
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Brand new

Wooden Scrabble style tiles for crafts, party and wedding place settings etc.

• Upper-case letters A–Z
• Lower-case letters a–z
• Numbers 0–9
• Maths symbols + - × ÷ / =
• Blank tiles

Price is for any ten tiles of your selection.

How to buy
Select the number of lots during checkout (1 lot = 10 tiles ), and then send a message to tell me the letters you need.

Special offers
4 lots when you pay for 2 (40 tiles for €11.90)
8 lots when you pay for 3 (80 tiles for €17.85)
12 lots when you pay for 4 (120 tiles for €23.80)
16 lots when you pay for 5 (160 tiles for €29.75)
22 lots when you pay for 6 (220 tiles for €35.70)

1–2 day delivery by An Post.

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4 weeks ago

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4 weeks
Numbers, maths symbols and lower-case letters now available.
1 month
@Trollydolly83: Yes, the offers are always on. Adverts doesn't have automated discounts, so if you just put in a quantity of 2, I'll send 4 lots. I don't have any As or Ls in stock at the moment (they'll be back in stock soon).
1 month
Hey is the offer still on? Tried to buy 4lots and it was still charging me for 4 instead of 2
1 month
Perfect please do need at least 10 id say
1 month
@Ray1974k: I'm afraid I only have 3 As at the moment. I'll let you know when they're back in stock. It should be this week.
1 month
Can i buy more letters please need alot of A's this time.
1 month
I need to buy more letters. Can u do even better deal as I have bought so many and will keep buying
1 month
Maybe it's phone. Will try on laptop
1 month
Nope. I just shipping/collection
1 month
@lynn.kearney: Yes, when you click 'Buy Now' you can change the quantity on the next page.
1 month
Is there a way of buying 5 in one go or do I have to buy this item five times? When I go to buy and go to PayPal I can't change quantity from 1 to 5?
1 month
Check there for me I need 4/5 Z's Thank You
1 month
@Rayk1974: €24.75 (quantity 5) for 150 tiles. There's no offers on shops. Just buy when you're ready.
1 month
Can i make the offer for 1 pack so we can private chat
1 month
Can we do a Deal so 150 for how Much
1 month
@Rayk1974: I could do 120 letters for €19.80. Just change the quantity to 4 during checkout. Plenty of Zs in stock.
1 month
Can you tell the Quantity of each letter i need 3 Z's Strange names in the Family.
How many letters would i get for €20
2 months
@Elv: No, sorry. Collection or post only.
2 months
are u aroung blanch? I just need two V
3 months
@Trollydolly83: Thanks for your purchase. I'll post them today.