Sega Mega Drive ll PAL Asian model boxed immaculate

Sega Mega Drive ll PAL Asian model boxed immaculate Sega Mega Drive ll PAL Asian model boxed immaculate Arcade & Retro

This model was released in Thailand. It might need adapter for European cartridges or a mod to allow European cart shape. I have not tried European carts, I only used it with everdrive without any problems so can not confirm this.
Comes with streets of rage 3 cart Asian pal version. Can also add a retro gaming cable’s high quality scart cable for extra €15 for extra sharp visuals. All comes boxed and in lovely minty condition.

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1 month
1 month
No problem. 100% european PAL games. Work. Good luck with sale
1 month
Well if PAL cart worked for you i would assume all PAL cart should be fine! Thanks again for your input!
1 month
I never used everdrive. All carts fit in perfect with no obstruction. As far as some games being region locked I'm not too sure. Iv tried PAL versions of the loin King, sonic, quack shot, aladdin and they all work fine. But the console is PAL version
1 month
Thanks a million for sharing the info, any issues inserting pal cartridges into the cart slot at all? Some of the games got regional lock after 1994 and I did notice that some Japanese or US games wouldn’t work after that year on everdrive. However all European games loaded fine on everdrive.
1 month
This is an Asian PAL region console. I got one too. Its not region locked so it plays all carts. Including European, US genesis and jap carts.