Arcade machine - XBox, PS2, WiiU High End Retro Gaming System

Arcade machine - XBox, PS2, WiiU High End Retro Gaming System Arcade machine - XBox, PS2, WiiU High End Retro Gaming System Arcade & Retro

High end emulation Arcade Machine - Over 11K games including XBox, PS2, Wii U, Arcade systems and much more! System is windows based and can be used as a PC - import your steam library etc! Original design, built from the ground up, can be modified or i am happy to make a similar build around your requirements!

System Specs:

28" 4K Monitor
i5 8500 PC with Nvidia GT1030 Graphics Card, 16 GB DDR4 RAM, 256SSD, 2TB HDD
Bluetooth and WiFi
8 Button LED Light Arcade Controls using IPAC 2 Interface
2x 8bitdo USB controllers
Logitech Keyboard and Mouse
40W Remote Controlled Amplifier with Bluetooth
LED Light Marquee
RGB Cooling Fans (Front) and Black Fans (Rear)
Surge Protected Power Supply
Lockable Castor wheels for easy transport while allowing stability during Play
Launchbox Premium (Bigbox) license included

Space for Steam Deck or similar handheld if you want to set up your own system - can be sold as cab only if you have your own PC!

System runs the below systems, but more can be added if desired:

Arcade - Full Mame Set 2800 Games
XBox - 21 Games
MS Dos Classic - 18 Games
Turbografix - 94 Games
N64 - 327 Games
Nintendo DS - 2077 Games
NES - 1539 Games
Game Boy Advance - 955 Games
Game Boy Colour - 533
Game Cube - 98 Games
Wii - 68 Games
Wii U - 15 Games
Pinball FX3 - 51 Tables
Sega 32X - 39 Games
Dreamcast - 298 Games
Megadrive - 945 Games
Saturn - 665 Games
PS1 - 111 Games
PS2 - 172 Games
SNES - 782 Games
Minecraft, Skyrim, Streetfighter 4 and DOA 6 also!

High end machine which is not based on a raspberry Pi or Ali Express based systems like others out there, this is reflected in the price! Tryouts welcome, delivery can be arranged and I can do custom builds as required just ask!

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11 months ago

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Comments & Offers
2 days
@daniel.proudfoot.9: €1600 OFFER ACCEPTED
For PM
2 days
€1,600 OFFERED
For pm of ur best cash price right away
1 week
@daniel.proudfoot.9 Hi place offer and we can pm
1 week
Is this still avail what would be best price you would do with delivery to Dublin ? Quick sale wanted
1 month
€1,700 OFFERED
Pm purpose
11 months
@jimmypenguin Thank you it was a fun build!
11 months
oh my days thats a serious machine right there
11 months
Still Available:
11 months
€2,000 OFFERED
For private messaging, not the final offer.
11 months
@juniperbobb; wow, cool! I really like the way there is a keyboard tray - a lot of the other arcades don't and this will be handy for the retro computer games like Spectrum and C64 or Amiga, where many need some sort of key input and the on-screen keyboard isn't great!

Will make an offer to DM you for a custom build so. I like Street Fighter, but wouldn't mind different art on mine! Thanks again!!
11 months
@ekosheren Hi thanks for the feedback much appreciated! Yes I can do a build like that it'll be a nice build with that screen! DM and we can discuss thank you!
11 months
@juniperbobb; very nice build, looks great! Do you custom build these? Can you do one with an even bigger screen, like a 32"? Can you add side buttons for playing pinball games too? Thanks!