Get your iPhone back glass repaired in Dublin today.

Get your iPhone back glass repaired in Dublin today. Get your iPhone back glass repaired in Dublin today. Apple
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Brand new

We can repair all glass backs on all
models of iPhone.

We use the most advanced industry standard laser tools in store.

If your iPhone has a cracked back, this will make it like new again

iPhone • MacBook • Samsung • OnePlus • Pixel • Nokia • Huawei • Redmi
We repair them all.

We are an official Apple Independent Repair Provider:

All of our iPhone & MacBook repairs use genuine parts sourced direct from Apple
We have over 100 five star reviews on Google

Full range of I.T. services available in-house
• Smartphone screen repair
• Laptop & MacBook screen repairs
• Computer software problems
• Computer hardware upgrades
• Game Console Repairs
• Custom gaming machines
• Replacement batteries
• Water / Liquid damage

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2 days ago

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2 days
5 days
What the cost of front screen for SM-G975F/DS
5 days
Do you repair smashed screen on I phone 11 and if so how much is it please?
2 weeks
@dillond hi, €99.95, thanks
2 weeks
How much to do bck glass iPhone 12
3 weeks
Thank you for reply
Kind regards
DC 31
3 weeks
@dc 31 you’ll need to upgrade the phone i’m afraid
3 weeks
Hi it says your software is up to date ios 9.3.5
DC 31
3 weeks
Hi my iphone 16mb is starting to act up like it won’t let me go into Adverts or anyone else told to switch it off and switch back on update say’s a good few years old
Can you help
DC 31
4 weeks
How much for iphone 13 mini back camera replacement?!
1 month
@Pejpaul: Hi, €99.95,
1 month
Hi how much for a back glass and frame in blue for iPhone 12?
1 month
Original Genuine Apple:
Screen: €339

Third Party Generic (will display messages that the parts are not genuine)
Screen: €225
1 month
What price iphone 12 screen?
2 months
@Seanpiercy1111: cool man, no worries thanks
2 months
thats perfect! I will head into you over the next week or so to have the phone looked at
2 months
@Seanpiercy1111: we carry out pre and post repair diagnostics using official Apple diagnostics software so we will know (most) things before we start the repair
2 months
thats perfect mate. Is there anyway to test it before getting the screen done? it was a pretty bad fall and I just want to make sure that its just the screen and nothing inside the phone!
2 months
@Seanpiercy1111: Hi, €140 for third party, €339 for genuine apple
2 months
hoe much for a screen replacement on an iPhone 12? the glass is fine, but the screen is just black!