Full Dip Spray on Car Wrap Projects For The Weekend

Full Dip Spray on Car Wrap Projects For The Weekend Full Dip Spray on Car Wrap Projects For The Weekend Alloys & Wheels
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Full Dip – the best Car Bike Wrap in an easy to spray aerosol can.
At FullDip.ie our Full Dip Aerosols on all Matte colours from €11.00 each
We sell both FullDip and Plasti Dip with a huge range of colours in our European Full Dip range, with superb value and Amazing range of colours and combinations Full Dip is here to stay.

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Full Dip matte range

Will wrap, protect and change the colour of your project with a matte finish. You can add glossifier or high gloss top coat if desired.
It can be removed by peeling it, as if it were a conventional vinyl wrap.


Full Dip 400ml spray covers up to 1.2 meters sq.
Air dried, flexible, liquid coating for use on almost anything
Liquid Vinyl spray application, once dry becomes a tough elastic and durable film.
It can be easily removed from most surfaces if required,Plastic,glass and metal.
You will need an average of 4-6 coats. Add more layers for greater protection. Sprayable Liquid Wrap in a Can.

You can clean Full dip with most soaps, and it will resist water, mud or pressure water cleaning.
No cracks or self peeling over time, remains flexible and stretchy, and will not become brittle or crack.

All this and more at Irelands Only FullDip super store : www.fulldip.ie

WONDERING WHAT TO DO FOR THE WEEKEND? Buy a couple of Full Dip Aerosol Cans @ fulldip.ie and have some fun. Transform your Car, Motorbike or home project with full dip.
Full Dip rims add stripes to mirrors and grills, we’ve put together some cool auto full dip projects you can do with full dip Aerosols. Whether you’re picking up a can of Full Dip for the first time or you’re a seasoned Diphead, we found projects suited for all levels of experience.
TRIM AND LOGOS : Are a good mini project to start with for a first time user of full dip,Then try out stripes and mirrors.
Give each stripe a different look and get more adventurous over time and Selecting the right colour for your project always looks amazing.
Full dip your rims:This adds a layer of protection and a cool new color, so it’s totally a win-win situation.Want to revert back to original paint colour, full dip just peels off, its vinyl wrap in an aerosol can.
Transform your car’s interior with your own personal full dip look.
Why not dip your Car grill, it always looks good in full dip matte black or try our full Dip metalizers / enhancers over your project for some amazing effects.

We deliver to all of Ireland or collect from our warehouse in Dublin ( Monday - Friday 9 - 5.30 )
Irelands online Full Dip Shop

Car wrap in an aerosol can @ Full Dip Ireland

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1 month
@djjoey: Only fulldip
1 month
Hi have you black plastic dip paint
3 months
No worries thanks
3 months
@ahickeyy: Hi, Sorry Monday - Friday 9-5pm collection by appoinment ( phone to make sure I am Here ) number on website or order online anytime, delivery 2- 4 days
3 months
Hi, would it be possible to collect glossy black kit from you at 10ish tonight? No worries if not
8 months
yes we have a deal where you can buy a matte black and glossifier to make glossy black. It is not a high lacquer mirror shine, but a glossy look.
you can go to website to see deal and information if you copy link below
8 months
do you guys have black glossy? or anything close