16 Various WWE Action Figures #1

Condition is varied (from good to used), see pictures

€5 each per figure, 4 for €15, 6 for €20, 10 for €30 - all 16 remaining for €40 including postage

PayPal or Revolut and or Postage (€6 or €9 for over 4) only, no collection etc

1. All
2. Rusev (Sold)
3. X Pac (Sold)
4. Randy Orton
5. TJ Perkins
6. Chavo Guerrero
7. Sami Zayn
8. Stardust
9. Shinsuke Nakamura (Sold)
10. Big Show (Sold)
11. Akira Tozawa
12. Batista (Sold)
13. Billy Gunn
14. The Miz (Sold)
15. Umaga
16. Razor Ramon (Sold)
17. Kofi Kingston (Sold)
18. Carlito (Sold)
19. Jake ( Gymini) (Sold)
20. Hulk Hogan (Sold)
21. Randy Orton (Sold)
22. Rey Mysterio (Sold)
23. Rey Mysterio (Sold)
24. Chris Benoit
25. Triple H (Sold)
26. Randy Orton (Sold)
27. The Rock
28. Shawn Michaels (HBK)
29. Carlito (Sold)
30. Samoa Joe (Sold)
31. AJ Styles (Sold)
32. The Rock
33. Roman Reigns
34. Roman Reigns
35. Cesaro (Sold)
36. Randy Orton
37. Xavier Woods (Sold)
38. Seth Rollins (Sold)
39. Triple H (Sold)
40. Chavo Guerrero (Sold)
41. Neville (Sold)
42. Jeff Hardy (Sold)
43. The Boogeyman (Sold)
44. Seth Rollins (Sold)
45. Roman Reigns

Any questions just ask!

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1 week
New ad here, remaining figures being sold as one lot now

2 weeks
Will do the 16 remaining for €40 including postage
3 months
@Weenie No sorry, see description for what's available
3 months
Do You have botesta ?
4 months
Still Available: 19 still left! Also more in other ads!
4 months
€30 for 3,16,19,21,23,25,35,40,41 and 44.
5 months
Ok mate. Leave it with me . Thanks for the info
5 months
@pbar123 There's a mixture of Mattel and Jakks here, if you look through the photos you should be able to see which are which (Jakks will be the bigger style and Mattel will be the smaller style generally)
5 months
I onow they are wwe but what make are the figures please
5 months
@pbar123 I could do €80 including postage (€30 for 10*3 as 30 remaining + €8.50 to send less €18.50 for buying remaining lot)
5 months
Hi how much for the lot?
5 months
Hi how much for the lot?
5 months
Still Available:
6 months
6 months
No 27 as well please thanks the rock
6 months
Ok perfect I will look at pics there now and pick another one i will comment on the belt thanks
6 months
@sparkle.candy.3 Hey, don't have 29 but have the others
Let me know what belt you want and we can work it out 👍🏼
6 months
Hi do u have kofi Kingston and pic29 and pic 43 and pic 45 thanks and also looking for a wwe belt how much is postage thanks
6 months
6 months
Hi there, sorry for delay in answering it would not allow me message you without an acceptance of offer and I could not find ask question button on my phone. I am looking for Shinsuke Nakamura if you still have him. Sharon