Guitar- Manuel Rodriguez e Hijos Model C with Original case

Manuel Rodriguez Classical Flamenco guitar.
Model C - Flamenco (CF 0558)
Manuel Rodriguez e Hijos Classical Guitar made in Madrid, Spain.
Solid spruce top, used but in the excellent condition.
Comes with hard case as shown in the picture.
Recently restrung with D’Addario strings.

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Saggart, Dublin
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4 months ago

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4 months
@Vangeliss just wanted to make sure you got my PM
4 months
Ok, I got that lift sorted. You can accept the offer and get me some address, pls.
4 months
@Vangeliss ok yes I will be here at 9pm, let’s see how we go, if not we’ll organise for tomorrow at some point
4 months
Sry, about delay. I have cash, just trying to arrange for a lift. I could make it around 9pm today provided my friend is free. Otherwise tomorrow any reasonable hour.
4 months
@Vangeliss: €275 OFFER ACCEPTED
4 months
@Vangeliss yes of course, is 8:30pm ok for you, I can accept offer and private message you with address?
4 months
What time would suit? Also can you alow for short test, just to see for fret buzz, etc.
4 months
@Vangeliss I will go to €275 if it’s collection tonight.
4 months
Would you be able for 250? Looking for good practice instrument, really tight on budget. I could collect today or tomorrow.
4 months
It’s a model C (and F for flamenco)
4 months
Hi laurach... what model number is this, apologies hard to see in the photos
5 months
@zonular all intact and no damage.
5 months
How's frets and damage?
5 months
@Jcarrilho No sorry. Thanks for asking.
5 months
Hi, considering trades?
5 months
@rob s it’s a C Model (and the F is for Flamenco). It’s about 20 years old for a professional collector, so they don’t make these anymore. Pretty special!
5 months
thanks bought fridge yesterday 303 euro nearly the price of guitar.
5 months
Hi could you clarify the model number, please . Can't find anything on this model. Thanks.
5 months
@nugene sorry, hope you get sorted!
5 months
fridge just packed up so all cash gone so sorry for wasting youre time pity lovely looking guitar glws