Video Game Steelbook Cases NO GAMES INCLUDED
Brand new

Selling an assortment of Steelbook Cases for various video games. **NO GAMES INCLUDED**

Would love to sell all in one go but can sell separately at a good price.

If buying multiple I can do a deal.

Some steelbooks are still sealed so would be looking for a little bit extra for those.


Assassins Creed 3 Steelbook: €10
Shenmue 3 Steelbook: €10
Pokemon Sword Steelbook: €15

Monster Hunter Rise Steelbook: ***SOLD***
Pokemon Legends Arceus Steelbook: ***SOLD***
Pokemon Shield Steelbook: €25

Buyer pays Postage and Packing

Revolut, PayPal and Bank Transfer Accepted

May take swaps depending on what is offered

Any queries let me know,


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Waterford City, Waterford
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3 months ago

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1 month
@Monsey2023 Hey there, sorry about the delay. I do indeed have a Sword Steelbook. The Shield Steelbook is sealed but Sword is not. I can do €25 plus €2 shipping :)
1 month
Hi, Ill be okay with just sword and shield steel book
1 month
@Chanlon965: €20 OFFER ACCEPTED
Sending a PM 😊
1 month
@Monsey2023 I may actually have a second Sword Steelbook Now that I think of it. I will let you know when I get home 😊
1 month
@Monsey2023 Yes, the figures and pins are sealed. I can put pictures up here after I am finished in work if you would like? The figures are about a tenner each but I can put in the pins for free with the Steelbook 30 altogether and I can cover postage if you buy the whole lot!
1 month
For MH Rise
1 month
How much for the lot? And are the others used or sealed?
1 month
@Monsey2023 Hey there, I'll gladly sell the Shield Steelbook to you but I have sold the Sword one. I updated the description but I seem to have forgotten to take down the picture, ny apologies. If you are looking for other Pokemon collectables I have the Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl figures and pins. 😊
1 month
Hi, pokemon sword and shield steelbooks are 10 euros new on Amazon, but I need to collect them as used. Would you do 20 for both including post?
2 months
@emmaoc123 The ad got moved to Sold after I sold the Arceus case sorry about that. Only caught it there. If you're still interested let me know 😊
2 months
@emmaoc123 Only the Sword one is sealed 😊
2 months
Is both sword and shield steelbooks sealed?
2 months
For arceus with post? Thanks
2 months
Open to offers for the watchers 😊
3 months
@WordySpy And? 😂
3 months
Looks like someone works in GameStop and got these for free 😂