Wooden letter tiles - Pick 10 letters
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Brand new

Wooden Scrabble style tiles for crafts, party and wedding place settings etc.

The full alphabet and blank tiles are available. Upper case letters only (no numbers or symbols).

Price is for any ten letters of your selection.

How to buy
Select the number of lots during checkout (1 lot = 10 letters), and then send a message to tell me the letters you need.

Special offers
Get 4 lots when you pay for 2 (40 letters for €9.90)
Get 8 lots when you pay for 3 (80 letters for €14.85)

1–2 day delivery by An Post.

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Pooka Comics

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Mullingar, Westmeath

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4 weeks ago

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1 week
@Elv: No, sorry. Collection or post only.
1 week
are u aroung blanch? I just need two V
1 month
@Trollydolly83: Thanks for your purchase. I'll post them today.
1 month
Sarahjane is the name
1 month
Hi can I have 5y's and 5k's please
1 month
@lynn.kearney: Thanks, Lynn. I'll post them tomorrow.
1 month
I need 25 - a, 10 - n, 10 - r and 5 - c d h l m s. 2-y and 3-j
1 month
@lynn.kearney: Yes, they were posted yesterday.
1 month
Have u sent the order yet?
1 month
@lynn.kearney: That's great. Is 8 lots for the price of 3 okay? During checkout you can select a quantity of 3.
1 month
I need 25-l.25-n.10-h.10-a.5-m and 5-y
1 month
I need another 80. Can u do me another deal. I know I will be ordering more again soon the way business is going. deal.?
1 month
@lynn.kearney: Thanks, Lynn. I'll post them today.
1 month
I just sent 15 euro. I need another 80 again. Can I have 30-a, 5-q, 10-n, 5-c, 10-r, 5-h, 5-j and 10-m
2 months
@sptuite: They are light colour natural wood like in the picture.
2 months
Hi there. Are your tiles for sale as per pic? Am Looking for a yellow-er version?! TIA
2 months
@lynn.kearney: I could do up to 8 lots for the price of 3 (80 letters for €14.85).
2 months
So it's 35 euro for 70 letters?
2 months
@lynn.kearney: Sorry, that was me. I was logged in on my personal account.
2 months
@lynn.kearney: Hi Lynn, I can't really come down on the price because a lot of it is to cover postage, packaging and fees. If you have children, I could include a free pack of colouring markers or a comic.